KFM - Kae's File Manager

About Features

KFM is an online file manager which can be used on its own, or as a plugin for a rich-text editor such as CKeditor, TinyMCE or FCKeditor.

KFM is Open Source, and you are free to use it in any project, whether free or commercial.

drag-and-drop everything, icon-view, list-view, plugins, image manipulations, slideshows, easy installation and upgrades, syntax-highlighting text editor, search engine, tagging, multi-lingual. plugins for mp3 playback, video playback.

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Recommended services are in bold

  • Web Server (Apache or IIS)
  • Database (MySQL 4.1+/5.0+, PostGreSQL, or SQLite)
  • Windows, MacOSX or Linux operating system
  • PHP 5.2+
    • requires either GD graphics (usually installed by default), or ImageMagick
    • safe_mode is not supported
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